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3 New Ways to Live the #SeaDooLife in 2020

While many of us are redefining our everyday active outings, one definition doesn’t have to. The Sea-Doo Life is still built on sun, fun and quenching your thirst for adventure on the water. Whether it’s a family day on the waves, a couples’ getaway or a beachside BBQ, it’s all part of what makes the Sea-Doo Life the best way to experience life on the water. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for adding a new twist on your Sea-Doo Life in 2020.


Make a meal out of it

Nothing beats the hottest of summer weather like your favorite frozen treat while you dangle your feet off the back platform of your Sea-Doo! But the Sea-Doo Life is all about making more of every day on the water and those days shouldn’t have to be cut short for mealtime. With boatloads of storage and accessory storage options that include Sea-Doo exclusive LinQ coolers, you can enjoy snacks, refreshments or even a full meal out on the water. (Don’t believe it? Check out our Catch-Clean-Cook video and recipe for fresh-caught meals on the water!)


Waterway backpacking

Make 2020 the year you take the Sea-Doo Life to the next level with an overnight excursion. You might find that escape to a relaxing night on a secluded shoreline is closer than you think. While island-hopping adventures or exploring national parks by waterway might be a stretch at the moment, local regional waterways often offer plenty of opportunity to get away from it all while getting out on the water. It’s all more possible on your Sea-Doo than ever before thanks to innovative LinQ accessories like coolers, cargo boxes, bags and fuel caddies. By pushing back limitations such as fuel range and carrying capacity, your freedom and ability to explore expands beyond what other watercraft riders thought possible. Go ahead, chart your course, pack your bags and let the Sea-Doo adventure begin with your favorite riding companion!


Beach bum for a day

OK, maybe more than a day! Even though those beach bashes with hundreds of your besties may have to wait a little while longer, there’s still plenty of room for safely soaking up the sun. Nothing gives you the power to spread your wings on the water quite like the Sea-Doo Life. While the ride is exhilarating, the times we stop to take it all in can be just as invigorating. We know that when the sand touches your toes, it also touches your soul. Find that favorite spot, enjoy a snack, sunset and the surf. We’ll see you out on the water – from at least 6 feet away 😉

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