Winter is Truly Limitless

2022 Lineup

Dream Your Escape

2022 Ski-Doo snowmobiles push the boundaries of possibility and innovation further than ever before. Every feature is inspired by riders like you who reimagine the ride in ways that redefine the winter escape.



2022 Ski-Doo Summit snowmobiles are built to make every ride in the deep snow more incredible than the last. Whether climbing steep chutes, carving up bowls of powder, or snaking through tree lines, the Summit responds instantly and rides effortlessly. With crisp, powerful E-TEC engines - including the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo - and features designed to conserve your energy, the ride to the top is as epic as ever!


What do you do when you've conquered everything within reach? Reach for more! The 2022 Freeride redefines the boundaries of backcountry domination with insane power in the 850 E-TEC Turbo on select models, and deep-snow inspired features like a short tunnel design that enable access to more terrain, deeper snow and more epic moments.



Renegade riders refuse to be defined by just one ride. Their taste in terrain varies day-to-day, and even hour-to-hour. They walk away from every ride leaving nothing to hide, and demand a snowmobile that will do the same – no matter the conditions.


Today's true 50-50 crossover rider dreams of carving powdery meadows one hour, and racking up big miles the next. The definition of a good ride can be found in the adventures waiting to be had in undiscovered destinations. Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobiles are the no-compromise sleds that today's adventure-seeking crossover riders deserve.



The MXZ is designed to be the ultimate sled for the trail with responsive, motocross-like handling and exceptional agility. With advanced suspension innovations and dynamic 2-stroke Rotax power, every MXZ delivers the perfect blend of exhilarating performance and superior ride quality.


Winter contains postcard-worthy imagery and panoramic vistas only snowmobilers can access and enjoy. Why not share them with a companion on a Ski-Doo Grand Touring? These sleds are packed with style and luxury to maximize comfort and fun for driver and passenger.



Ski-Doo Expedition snowmobiles define a category all their own. They reflect the free-ranging sentiment of their deep Scandinavian roots, and seamlessly meld touring sled comfort with off-trail capability and rugged work usefulness.


Purpose-built for work on the industry's most responsive platform - the REV Gen4 - Skandic snowmobiles are outfitted with long, ultra-wide tracks for superb flotation in deep snow, and exceptional traction when hauling heavy loads. Skandic sleds reach another level in rider comfort and capability thanks to the open cockpit design enabling the rider to influence the sled like never before. Dependable Rotax engines provide the power for extreme reliability in harsh conditions.


Reaching off-grid hunting or fishing camps, accessing remote trap lines, or utility work deep in the bush are all easily tended to thanks to the lightweight Tundra’s effortless ability to traverse bottomless snow, and do so in an efficient manner.


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