Christopher Farro

When it comes to dealing with life’s ups and downs, Sea-Doo Ambassador Christopher Farro adds a little more substance than most.

The highs include summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and plane lifts tens of thousands of feet above sea level with parachute in tow. Once there, you’ll usually see him taking the fast way down, on his way to the lows which might include freediving to the Hawaiian ocean floor to take a lesson in blowing air bubble rings.

Somewhere in between is where he finds the #SeaDooLife waiting to accelerate his adventures above the surface to smashing new levels. His GoPro firmly attached somewhere between vehicle and body is along for just about every ride (be it on surfboard, foil or Sea-Doo). At times you may question his sanity, but you’ll never question the incredible look of the #SeaDooLife through his lens.

Here’s more on Chris Farro and his “No Bad Days” outlook:

Name: Christopher Farro

Age: Who cares! :)

Hometown: Hood River, Oregon but I now live in Santa Cruz, CA.

Family members: Twin Brother, Caleb Farro (@calebfarro), Mom Farro, Dad Farro

Pets: Rocky the Sea-Doo GTI SE 170

Current Sea-Doo Model: GTI SE 170

Follow on Social:

Instagram: @chrisfarro 

YouTube: @ChristopherFarro

How did your interest in PWCs start? PWCs open up a lot of doors for water activities, ever since I started surfing I’ve been interested in PWCs for their towing capabilities.

What are your favorite activities on the water? Kitesurfing, Surfing, Tow-Foiling and now Wakeskating! I basically love everything to do with the ocean!

Who makes up your typical riding crew? BAE (@erin_edenholm) and twin brother (@calebfarro). I also spend a lot of time shredding with my college ski team @skichef and @abekislevitz.

Favorite place to ride? The Ocean! Although flat water is pretty sickkkk too!

Dream place to ride? North Shore, Oahu

Describe your life away from the water: I am a pretty active person and try to work out every day; running, crossfit, etc; basically, anything where I can move my body. I also love to create content, so time spent away from the water is usually editing or getting geeky within the Adobe suite. I also grew up skiing and competed throughout college. So, in the winter, I spend a chunk of my time in the mountains!

What’s your one must-have accessory for your Sea-Doo? Umm, isn’t that obvious… the BRP Premium Audio System is killer! Who doesn’t like a little Taylor Swift before you get towed into a bomb!!?

What’s one innovation you’d like to see on a Sea-Doo that doesn’t currently exist? A Rescue Sled for Towing would be Leeeeegendary. Currently, with any PWC you have to drill holes and kind of jerry-rig it onto the sled. An integrated system would be awesome and I think all tow-surfing teams would gravitate to it.

Favorite place to eat? My kitchen! I’m a mega-smoothie freak; it’s the best way to smash all the nutrients!

First artist you add to your play list? T-Swift. I’m trying to turn up.

Celebrity or person you’d most like to ride with? Kai Lenny! He’s so inspiring on the water and SUCH a nice guy in and out of the water.