The Women of On-Road

The road is meant to be shared and Can-Am’s Women of On-Road are taking their place in the front seat of a powerful 3-wheel vehicle. This women’s riding community is full of strong and passionate women riders from around the world that share stories, support each other and inspire one another. Will you join the movement?

another great win at Dakar Rally 2021

Chaleco Lopez wins the world's toughest race on Can-Am Maverick

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Can-Am returns with motorcycles

BRP GO! app goes live

Your ride has arrived

2022 line-up is here

And this time, it’s personal. With more rides for more styles, it’s time to make it yours.

Line up for fun

Your Sea-Doo, your way

Whether you enjoy spending time with friends or feeling your heartbeat through your chest, we’ve got a new personal watercraft lineup that’s sure to please.

2022 Lineup Offroad

Max Out On Moments To Remember!


Peak performance with 200 horsepower in your clutches, and the most efficient engines out there. Expect bigger wheels, bold new colors, and the widest range of options. Get your torque with all the trimmings, in the most comfortable and exhilarating rides. These machines are gluttens for punishment and pleasure. Time to get dirty.