BRP responsible rider

Our playground, my responsibility

Owning and riding a Sea-Doo is great fun. Making this a rewarding experience for everyone is our common responsibility.

Play it safe

Think about your safety, and that of others!

  • Follow the recommendations of the operator’s guide
  • Ensure everyone is wearing a life jacket and a bottom wetsuit
  • Ensure your tether cord is attached to your wrist or life jacket
  • Keep a safe distance from other craft, shore and designated recreational areas
  • Do not ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • When possible, ride with others as there is safety in numbers

Play it right

Ride it by the rules!

  • Observe and obey local rules
  • Check the weather for information on riding conditions
  • Ensure there is enough fuel and battery power
  • Check that all controls function as intended
  • Bring a towing device and communication device
  • Ensure your watercraft is insured and registered and that you have a boat permit (if necessary). Make sure these documents are easily accessible while riding
  • Respect the rules of the launching ramp
  • Stay out of restricted zones and reduce speed in harbors and no wake zones

Play it green

Your playground is our playground: protect it!

  • Dispose your trash on land, not water
  • Respect local plant and animal wildlife
  • Ensure your watercraft is compliant with local environment regulations
  • Limit engine flushing to a minimum