Funcțiile vehiculului

Toate defecțiunile vehiculului care nu sunt legate de motor (de exemplu: suspensie, servodirecție) vor folosi această nouă pictogramă în loc de pictograma de verificare a motorului.

Modelele RT au acum o suspensie cu autonivelare precum F3-LTD pentru un confort optim.

Luminozitatea va fi ajustată automat în funcție de nivelul luminii ambientale. Pentru a-l regla manual, deschideți meniul intrați în setări, selectați Afișare și reglați luminozitatea la setarea dorită folosind joystick-ul de pe ghidon.


Pentru FM pot fi stocate 12 presetări (3 pagini din 4 presetări).

Tunerul va căuta banda FM și pentru primele 12 frecvențe cu un nivel de recepție acceptabil, apoi le va salva.


Apeluri Telefonice

If you have a Bluetooth receiver on your helmet, you will be able to answer calls.

Yes, but “favorites” will not be accessible.

No, sound to the passenger helmet will be cut during a phone call.

Yes, the same information shown on the phone will appear on the cluster.

No,there will be no access to text messages while riding.


Open the menu, go into statistics. Once in this menu, you can either reset your trip meter or select a new one to be displayed on your gauge.

3 sets of statistic are saved in the gauge:  Total, Trip A and Trip B, giving you the flexibility to save your daily, weekly or seasonal ride statistics, as you see fit.

No, BUDS2 will transfer the odometer from the previous cluster to the new cluster. If the old cluster is not functional anymore, a backup of the odometer stored in the engine controller will be used.


Yes. Two options are available – via Bluetooth or via the 3.5mm aux cord.

No, USB sticks are not supported.

No, you’ll need to use the Music app in BRP Connect to access your music library.


Yes, when connected via Bluetooth you can listen to music via your vehicle but the App needs to be running on the phone first.


You can choose to play the music on the vehicle speakers or the connected headset. Music cannot be played on both the speakers and the headset simultaneously.

Most aftermarket devices should be compatible, but tests have been done specifically on SENA and N-Com (Nolan) headsets.

Headset connected as “Driver Helmet” will receive phone calls from the phone connected to the cluster.

Yes, the cluster volume will change the volume in the helmet. You can also adjust the volume directly on your helmet headset (driver and passenger helmets can have different volumes).


Yes. Open the menu, go into the settings, select Display and adjust the brightness to the desired setting using the joystick on the handlebar.

Yes, display brightness will be adjusted based on ambient light. The brightness menu applies an offset to the adjusted backlight. There is no day or night mode, the same offset is applied all the time.

Open the menu, go into the settings, select Clock and adjust the time using the joystick on the handlebar.

Open the menu, go into the settings, select Units and choose either imperial (mph) or metric (kph) using the joystick on the handlebar. The temperature unit will also change automatically (metric = km and Celsius / Imperial = mi and Fahrenheit).

Yes, English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil) are available. Russian and Japanese will be available in the near future.

 Yes, there is a fault code menu in the settings.


No, when speed is above 3 MPH, the settings menu will be blocked, but riders will not be kicked out of the menu. They may resume the setting operations once the vehicle speed drops below lower than 3 MPH again.

The version of the display firmware installed on your vehicle can easily be found under the “settings” (long press on the center of the controller located on the left handlebar, last menu at the bottom). Choose the second-to-last menu titled “About.” The firmware version is at the top of the screen.

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