So what is SISU? Part mindset, part attitude, it's actually a Finnish word that has no direct translation. For Lynx riders, it's the certainty that there is more out there. It's the instinct that drives them to find new limits in the ride and break through them, from the mountain deep to the trail beyond.

The ‘In Search of SISU’ series reveals the excitement and emotion surrounding the 2023 Lynx lineup and follows our riders on other epic adventures throughout winter.

Watch episode 1 and experience the launch through the lens of Lynx ambassador, Ross Robinson.

Episode 1

Beyond the sled

Join Ross behind the scenes of the Lynx 2023 shoot with Jason Ribi and Andreas Bergmark. Get first impressions of the lineup and hear from 2-time FIM Snowcross World Champion & Lynx R&D Manager, Janne Tapio.

Meet Ross

Brand ambassador and content creator

Like all Lynx riders, Ross is no stranger to the spirit of SISU. Whether that’s pulling technical lines amongst the steep trees or grabbing some air, there’s no doubt he’s got what it takes.