Pasiimkite savo wake lentą, slides,  ar dar ką nors galite gauti ant vandens. Dėl išskirtinių į vilkimo orientuotų funkcijų, tokių kaip slidinėjimo režimas, "LinQ Ski Pylon" ir "Board Rack", nėra jokio kito vandens motociklo, kuris tai atliktų

Puikus laikas

Pasiimkite savo lentą ir pirmyn

Sea-Doo Wake

Lenta, slidinėjimas ar pačiūžos. Jums turėtų patikti gyvenimas  su  Sea-Doo Wake, tai yra lengviausias būdas mėgautis vilkimo sportu su trimis išskirtinėmis funkcijomis, įskaitant ištraukiamą LinQ slidinėjimo piloną, slidinėjimo režimą ir wakeboard stelažą.

The perfect pull

Always launch like a pro

Ski Mode

Exclusive Ski Mode allows riders to select preprogrammed acceleration and speed profiles for repeated and precise ski and wakeboard launches, plus the benefit of 2 other riding modes (sport and ECO).

No suprises

Exceptional handling in any conditions

Confident Performance

Whether you're prepping for a wake run, chilling at the sandbar or re-boarding, the stable, confident hull offers awesome stability with a low center of gravity and room to expand the adventure.

Explore WAKE packages and specifications

Wake 170

Grab your wakeboard, skate, surf or anything else you can ride on the water. Thanks to exclusive tow-focused features like Ski Mode, a LinQ Ski Pylon, and Board Rack, there’s no other watercraft you’ll want to be towed behind.

  • 170 hp
  • BRP Audio - premium system (optional)
  • Large Front Storage and Watertight Phone Box
  • Boarding ladder
  • iBR - Intelligent Brake & Reverse
  • WAKE Package: LinQ retractable ski pylon, speed-based ski mode, removable wakeboard rack, WAKE™ graphics

More than a ride

We've pulled out all the stops

Simple. Smart. Convenient.

Sea-Doo accessories are the perfect way to amp up the Sea-Doo Life with easy, convenient ways to pack more into every day on the water.

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The Wake Pro model delivers the most stable ride in the industry. With extra space for set-up, easy boarding, and a serious 100W Bluetooth Audio System, these models aren’t kidding around.



In addition to the latest Sea-Doo GTI platform advantages, discover more convenience and comfort with standard boarding ladder, touring seat, variable trim and optional Bluetooth audio for days of family fun with the GTI SE watercraft.