Sea-Doo Tips

Are You
Sea-Doo Covered?

The smart way to trailer, store and more

Whether storing, trailering or just tucking it in for the night, Sea-Doo covers are key to keeping your watercraft looking brilliant every ride. Not only do the protect dirt and grime, but they're smart design is functionlal and easy to use. They also provide a barrier between any criters turning it into their natural habitat.

Discover Your Missing LinQ

The world's smartest accessories

The Sea-Doo Life extends far beyond watercraft. It's a total emersion into a life on the water only you can dream up. We understand that. It's why the revolutionary Sea-Doo LinQ accessories are designed from a rider's point of view - focused on functional, easy-to-use, stylish integration to take any adventure up several levels.

Sea-Doo Docking Basics

Safely secure your Sea-Doo on the water

Pit stops on the water can be one of the best parts of any ride. Whether docking for lunch or launching from your trailer, properly securing your Sea-Doo can be the difference between riding off into the sunset or fixing cosmetic or even mechanical damage.