The best way to end your sled season


Mountains, warm riding days, late night sun and great company.Is there anything more that you can ask from the perfect spring ride?

Photos: Fredrik Andersson


Every year at the end of the sled season all of the most passionate riders load up their sleds and hit the road with one destination: Riksgränsen. This unique place is located in North Sweden above the Arctic Circle and next to the Norwegian border. During May and June, this is where you can make the most of the snow that is still left over from winter.

This is the time of year that all the Scandinavian riders hang out in the same area and where you meet a lot of amazing people just having the time of their lives. It’s like an enormous playground with endless possibilities for building jumps, sidehilling on steep slopes, dropping off cliffs and just playing around in snowdrifts. It’s so warm out that you can even ride in a t-shirt in the slushy snow or take a magical ride in the midnight sun. It’s also the place where you’ll get a free goggle tan to show off when you get back home!

A typical day starts with getting up around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and eating some sort of breakfast. Then it’s time to get ready for a day of fun. Getting dressed, filling up the sled with fuel and oil, just making sure it’s ready for another day in the snow, and putting together some food and "Swedish fika" (coffee) for the day. All the sleds are parked close to each other, so you always meet others who are going out for a ride. You often end up doing something together, making plans or telling stories from the day before.

There are a few "famous" spots where you usually end up shoveling jumps in the sun with a bunch of sweaty and happy people, listening to music, laughing, making food or just enjoying the sun and company. It truly is the best time of the year. People passing by always stop to say hello and overall it’s just a happy vibe.

Then it’s time for jumping and action, and we’re all involved somehow. You could be the one jumping, filming, just enjoying the show or supporting other riders. Since all riders have different skills, we teach each other and help each other out to get better! It’s an amazing community and you can really push yourself and others to get better no matter what tricks you want to learn!

In Riksgränsen we fly! Andreas Bergmark’s tour de force with the BoonDocker RE 3700 model year 2022.


After we’re done in one spot, we go to another and do the same thing, and maybe build some more kickers to have some hits ready for the upcoming days. Then it’s time to head home to make dinner. It’s never just moving from spot A to spot B, because you will always find some funny things along the way. A natural kicker that you just have to jump, maybe a highmark competition just randomly starts, and sometimes we all just stop to enjoy the views together. When the sun sets around midnight, it’s the most magical light and you can just stand and stare at everything that surrounds you. It’s not unusual that we get out on the mountain around 11:00 p.m. and get home after midnight, because it never really gets dark.

When we get back from the mountain, we usually end up together with everyone around a campfire. Having a barbecue and drinking something good, enjoying each other’s company.

Riksgränsen and spring riding is the best time of the year and the perfect way to end the sled season.


Learn more about Mariell Kvickström and other Lynx brand ambassadors.

I love to jump and just play around having a blast. Take the days as they come, usually with adrenaline, laughs, learning and developing – and spending time and travel with my close and new friends. Being outdoor with people around you. The most amazing feeling. I ride both the BoonDocker RE 3700 and the BoonDocker DS 3900 models. The DS is perfect for me in deep snow, climbing mountains and treeriding. The RE 3700 is my all-time-favorite and I really love that machine. It is so playful and ready to go from the moment you take it out from the store. Becoming a Lynx ambassador is a dream come true for me. I trust my sleds and it’s so cool that they are developed and made in Finland. I get a feeling of home some way.

We are outdoor people in my family and snowmobiles have been a natural part of our life. When I was a kid, we spent almost every weekend and holiday in our cabin in Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden, and there I also had my first rides. We used snowmobile every day to get water or wood to the cabin but also to go out for icefishing or making tracks. We always took a ride, made a fire and cooked food outdoors and just spent time with our friends. Every year we went to the mountains with our sleds and took longer rides mostly to enjoy the views together. 2014 I bought a new sled and really spent most of my time during the winter trying to learn riding as much as possible. That was also the year I tried jumping first times.




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