Meet Janne: Lynx R&D & Snocross Racing Legend

Janne Tapio is a living sled-gend. One of the most successful riders of all time, he‘s twice FIM World Snocross Champion and now part of the Lynx R&D team - joining his expertise in engineering with his passion for snowmobiles. He told us what we can expect from the Lynx line-up and why we have every reason to be excited.

Janne: The BoonDocker has an industry-first short tunnel design, which is a game-changer for deep snow riding. We have tailored BoonDocker to give a great ride for each day in winter, even when conditions are not perfect.

Rave is an iconic sled for demanding and rough trail conditions. We’ve finely tuned the balance of riding comfort vs capacity for more demanding riders. We have pushed it to the limits over and over again, so it never lets you down.

Janne: BoonDocker is made for deep snow riding. On this model we have our short tunnel design, PPS² DS+ rear suspension and Blade DS+ skis. We also focused on deep snow performance when we designed narrow running boards and narrow hull area to minimize friction against the snow.

For trail riding, Rave has PPS3 rear suspension – originating on the Finnish snocross circuit – high-capacity shock absorbers and our Blade XC+ ski tailored for natural trails. We have ergonomics tailored for active riders, seat, rider position, running boards and grips.

Janne: A Lynx rider is a tough rider who wants a sled that’s match-fit for an active riding style. Lynx riders are first on, and last off the snow. And not just in a day-to-day sense: they want to extend the season beyond ideal riding conditions. We’re also a mix of snowmobile and powersport enthusiasts; it’s more than a leisure activity for us. I guess you could say… we’re serious about having fun.

Janne: Lynx has its own unique style, handling and feeling which we’ve tailor-made for demanding conditions. You’ll feel that difference when you ride.

Janne: Lynx is built to excel in rough conditions and sometimes you need to work harder to find that type of snow or trail. But when you do, it’s a great feeling to really push yourself and the sled. I’m a second-generation sled developer, taking after my dad, and speaking purely from a personal point of view, the most exciting thing is that Lynx is built in my hometown of Rovaniemi, Finland, and we’re so proud Lynx is growing in popularity worldwide.

Janne: BoonDocker is very fun to ride – we have a competitive soul in our engineering and with this sled we wanted to conquer the hills. In our testing, it likes a little bit more speed, but it’s very predictable and stable. In terms of the Rave, the worse the trail,..the better. You can ride it hard all day without getting sore; maybe even visit a local race track. Whatever sled you pick, don´t think too hard. Focus on your own riding and go for it!