What is the best riding position on trail riding?

Like in formula driving and in traffic, the proper riding position is crucial in snowmobiling also. Here are formula driver and Lynx ambassador Emma Kimiläinen's tips on how to get the most out of your riding day on the trail with the right riding position!

Before hitting the trail, it is good to make sure that the throttle lever and brake lever are in the appropriate positions. It is good to have the throttle lever slightly downward, but not too low. The brake lever must not point too far upwards. Adjust both if necessary.

It is good to vary the riding position depending on the trail and the conditions. You mainly sit on the sled – and when riding with a passenger it is always the safest way – but, for example, on a bumpy trail, standing up is often more natural. Whether you ride standing or sitting, it's good to always keep a little bend in your knees and elbows. It improves your ability to control the sled. When riding while standing, it is good to bring the feet slightly back on the runningboards, which makes the riding position more natural.

When riding corners, you should remember the importance of weight transfer to maximize the control of the sled. When cornering, transfer the weight of the whole body into the corner – just tilting the upper body is not enough.

I hope these tips were helpful. See you on the trails!

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